Rohi Foundation


The children embraced by the Rohi Foundation have faced numerous years in exceptionally vulnerable conditions, enduring violence, abuse, malnutrition, and even attempts on their lives. When you decide to sponsor a child in Bangalore, it becomes a powerful statement of your faith in their inherent potential and capabilities. Your sponsorship serves as a catalyst, empowering their self-confidence and nurturing their aspirations for success.


Unlock the Donor Space: a dedicated online platform on our website providing regular updates, academic results, photographs, and two heartfelt letters each year from the child you sponsor. Establish a personal connection through monthly phone calls or arrange visits by getting in touch with us.

Alternatively, you can choose to sponsor an entire Home with a contribution of your choice:

Opting to support one of our homes regularly (monthly, quarterly, annually) with an amount of your choosing allows you to make a broader impact. When you sponsor a Home, you gain access to comprehensive updates, including news, school results, photos, and letters from all the children residing there.

Your commitment to sponsorship not only changes individual lives but also transforms the community. If you're interested in creating a positive impact and building a connection with the children, we encourage you to consider becoming a sponsor.

For more information or to begin the sponsorship process, please reach out to us. We look forward to helping you make a meaningful difference in the lives of these resilient children.