Rohi Foundation



The uniqueness of the Rohi Foundation lies in its dedicated focus on children from below poverty backgrounds and its comprehensive approach to providing support and empowerment.

In the desolate slums of Karnataka, there exist children who endure the harsh realities of life, often left to fend for themselves, grappling with the challenges of survival with or without the presence of their parents

Amidst these dire circumstances, a glimmer of hope emerges through the intervention of Rohi Foundation (Rehabilitation of Homeless and Orphaned Children), a compassionate organization dedicated to providing solace and support to those in need. These children find their way to Rohi Foundation through a placement order facilitated by the Child Welfare Committee—a body of judges entrusted with the responsibility of representing the interests of the Indian government in matters concerning child welfare. Through this structured process, Rohi Foundation becomes a beacon of hope for these children, offering a pathway to a safer and more promising future.

The cornerstone of our commitment is individual care. Within each Rohi Foundation Home, a dedicated team of qualified professionals is passionately devoted to the well-being of every child under their care. This team works tirelessly to ensure the progress and development of each child, recognizing and addressing their unique needs. Regular updates on the children's well-being and progress are meticulously documented and reported to the Child Welfare Committee, ensuring transparency and accountability in our efforts to provide a secure and nurturing environment.

In addition to personalized care, we prioritize education as a powerful tool for transformation. Every child within the Rohi Foundation Homes is enrolled in Government schools, aiming to provide them with access to a quality education. This deliberate choice reflects our commitment to equip each child with the academic skills and knowledge necessary for a promising future, while also fostering linguistic proficiency in both Kannada and English.

Through these combined efforts, we aspire to create an environment where individualized attention and quality education work hand in hand to empower every child. Our goal is not only to meet their immediate needs but to lay the foundation for a future marked by personal and academic success.

At Rohi Foundation, we prioritize providing a quality education in Kannada and English, recognizing the transformative power of learning. Our daily tuition Classes are designed to empower children, helping them bridge any educational gaps and catch up with the academic level of their peers. These classes play a crucial role in boosting the self-confidence of each child, instilling in them the belief that education is a key pathway to independence.

Understanding the profound impact of education, we emphasize its role not only in the personal development of the children but also in their capacity to contribute meaningfully to their families and communities. Through education, they acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate the challenges of life, fostering a sense of empowerment that extends beyond individual growth.

By focusing on Education, we aim to equip the children with linguistic proficiency that can enhance their communication abilities and broaden their opportunities in a diverse and interconnected world. Education becomes a tool not only for personal advancement but also for the broader goal of positively influencing their immediate surroundings and beyond.

In essence, our commitment to quality education underscores the belief that by investing in the intellectual development of these children, we are not only shaping their futures but also fostering positive change in the communities they belong to.

In the challenging backdrop of certain slums, the adverse impact on the physical and psychological well-being of children is profound. Recognizing this, ROHI FOUNDATION’S primary objective is to rescue and protect these children, offering them a safe haven they can genuinely call home. This sanctuary is not only a physical refuge but also a haven for emotional and psychological healing.

One of the fundamental aspects of creating this safe and family-like environment is ensuring that the basic needs of the children are met. Rohi Foundation takes pride in providing a balanced and nutritious diet, acknowledging the critical role it plays in their overall well-being. A well-fed and nourished child is better equipped to face the challenges of life and engage more effectively in their educational pursuits.

Healthcare is another cornerstone of our commitment. Comprehensive health care is extended to each child under the care of Rohi Foundation, addressing not only immediate medical needs but also emphasizing preventive measures. This holistic approach not only safeguards their physical health but also contributes to a nurturing environment where they can thrive.

By prioritizing safety, nutrition, and healthcare, Rohi Foundation endeavours to create more than just a shelter; it aspires to establish a family-like atmosphere where children can rebuild their lives, regain their sense of security, and embark on a journey towards a brighter future.

Rohi Foundation goes beyond the conventional by integrating a diverse range of extracurricular activities into the daily lives of the children. Music, dance, architecture classes, self-defence training, and writing workshops are just a few examples of the varied activities offered. This comprehensive approach is designed not only to broaden their skill set but also to nurture qualities that extend beyond the academic realm.

Engaging in activities such as music and dance fosters creativity and self-expression, allowing each child to discover and develop their unique talents. Architecture classes stimulate their imagination and problem-solving skills, encouraging a broader perspective on the world around them.

Writing workshops encourage them to articulate their thoughts and experiences, enhancing communication skills and self-reflection. These varied activities collectively contribute to a holistic development approach, recognizing that each child has unique strengths and interests.

Ultimately, the diverse extracurricular activities at Rohi Foundation serve as avenues for the children to shine in different fields, fostering a sense of accomplishment and self-worth. Through this multifaceted approach, we aim to provide them with a well-rounded and enriching experience that goes beyond academic achievement, preparing them for a future where their diverse talents can flourish.

Since its inception in 2018, Rohi Foundation has experienced notable growth and expansion, extending its reach and impact. The organization has strategically diversified its efforts by establishing Rohi Tots, Rohi Big Birds, and Rohi Girls, each catering to specific age groups and needs of the children. This expansion reflects Rohi's commitment to providing comprehensive support and care to a wider range of children in need.

All ROHI homes, including Rohi Tots, Rohi Big Birds, and Rohi Girls, are situated in the secure neighbourhoods of Machohalli Magadi Road in Bangalore. This deliberate choice of location underscores Rohi's dedication to ensuring the safety and well-being of the children under its care. Placing the homes in close proximity to each other facilitates regular interaction among the children, fostering a sense of community and enabling siblings to maintain strong bonds even if they reside in different Rohi homes.

The strategic co-location of these homes not only enhances the sense of unity among the children but also facilitates a seamless exchange of resources and support. The close proximity allows for shared activities, collaborative initiatives, and a sense of familiarity that contributes to the family-like atmosphere that Rohi aims to cultivate in each of its homes.

In summary, the growth and expansion of Rohi, including the establishment of specialized homes, exemplify the organization's commitment to evolving with the needs of the children it serves. The strategic placement of these homes ensures a secure and supportive environment, promoting the overall well-being and development of the children entrusted to Rohi's care.

Rohi Foundation embarked on its journey in 2018, initially welcoming three children into our care. Fast forward to 2021, and the family expanded to include 20 individuals, comprising eight girls and twelve boys. Today, in 2023, we are thrilled to announce that our shelter home is a haven for 43 Rohi Girls and Boys, a testament to the growth and impact of our mission over the years.

The remarkable transformation of these children, whose destinies were once confined to the pavement or the precarious shelters of unsafe slums in Karnataka, is a testament to the empowering impact of Rohi Foundation. Through the support and opportunities provided by Rohi Foundation, these youngsters have not only bridged the educational gap but have evolved into skilled and confident students.

The shift from the challenging environments of the slums to the educational haven fostered by Rohi Foundation has allowed these children to recognize the inherent freedom and untapped potential that education brings. They grasp the significance of learning as a tool for personal growth and empowerment, enabling them to transcend the limitations of their past circumstances.

Many of these children have become remarkably studious, dedicating themselves to their academic pursuits with diligence. Their behaviour and conscientiousness have not gone unnoticed, earning them praise from their teachers. This commendation extends beyond academic achievements, reflecting the development of positive character traits and a strong sense of responsibility instilled in them through the supportive environment of Rohi Foundation.

In essence, these children, once confined to the margins of society, are now navigating a trajectory of success and self-discovery. Their journey is marked by resilience, determination, and an understanding of the transformative power of education. Rohi's intervention has not only altered their academic trajectories but has also cultivated a sense of confidence and capability, empowering them to embrace the freedom and potential that education offers for a brighter future.