Rohi Foundation


Our Organization Overview

Leadership: Rohi Foundation, established in 2018, is led by a dedicated team committed to the well-being and empowerment of children from below poverty backgrounds. The leadership includes:

  1. Founder Director:
      • Role: Sets the vision, mission, and strategic direction of the organization.
  1. Finance Director:
      • Role: Manages financial aspects, budgeting, and financial strategy.

Governance: Rohi Foundation operates under a governance structure that ensures transparency, accountability, and effective decision-making.

  1. Board of Directors:
      • Provides oversight and strategic guidance.
      • Comprises individuals with diverse expertise and a shared commitment to the organization’s mission.
  1. Program Implementation:
      • Center Coordinators: Responsible for overseeing day-to-day operations at individual care centers.
      • Counselors: Provide emotional support and guidance to children.
      • Care Workers: Attend to the daily needs of children.
      • Teachers: Deliver educational support.
      • Computer Instructor: Facilitates computer education.
      • Cook and Caretakers: Ensure a safe and nurturing environment.
  1. Support Functions:
      • Finance and Administration Team: Manages financial aspects, administration, and logistics.
      • Communication Team: Handles external communications, outreach, and media relations.
  1. Leadership Team:
      • Founder Director and Finance Director: Lead the strategic direction and overall management of the organization.

Team Size and Capacity: Rohi Foundation has a dedicated team working towards the holistic development of children. The team size includes:

      • Board of Directors: 2
      • Leadership Team: 2
      • Program Implementation Team: 2
      • Support Functions Team: 5

Roles and Responsibilities:

  1. Founder Director and Finance Director:
      • Set strategic direction and vision.
      • Provide overall leadership and management.
  1. Program Implementation Team:
      • Center Coordinators manage day-to-day operations.
      • Counselors provide emotional support.
      • Care Workers attend to children’s daily needs.
      • Teachers deliver educational support.
      • Computer Instructor facilitates computer education.
      • Cook and Caretakers ensure a nurturing environment.
  1. Support Functions Team:
      • Finance and Administration manage financial aspects.
      • Communication Team handles external communications.

As Rohi Foundation evolves, the organization anticipates making adjustments to the organogram to enhance efficiency and accommodate growth. Potential changes may include:

      • Expansion of Program Implementation Team: To cater to an increasing number of beneficiaries.
      • Introduction of Specialized Roles: Based on emerging needs, specialized roles may be introduced.

In summary, Rohi Foundation’s organizational structure reflects a commitment to providing comprehensive support to children in need. The leadership, governance, and teams work collaboratively to achieve the organization’s mission and bring about positive change in the lives of vulnerable children.

Rohi Foundation’s Strategic Plan Overview:

Rohi Foundation is guided by a comprehensive strategic plan that outlines its vision, mission, and long-term objectives. The organization envisions a future where every child, regardless of their socio-economic background, has the opportunity to thrive and contribute positively to society.

Organization Development:

The strategic plan emphasizes continuous organizational development, fostering a dynamic and responsive structure. This includes enhancing internal capacities, improving governance mechanisms, and cultivating a robust leadership team.

Resource Management:

Rohi Foundation recognizes the importance of effective resource management. The strategic plan outlines strategies for sustainable funding, partnership development, and diversification of revenue streams to ensure the organization’s financial resilience.

Programmatic Approach:

Rohi Foundation’s programmatic approach aligns with its core values and mission. Key focus areas include:

HIV Awareness and Medical Support:

Conducting targeted HIV awareness campaigns.

Providing medical support, including health camps and check-ups.

Skill Training and Development:

Offering vocational training programs to enhance employability.

Emphasizing computer skills to equip beneficiaries for the digital age.

Education and Shelter:

Ensuring access to quality education through enrolment drives and tutorial sessions.

Providing shelter and a nurturing environment for vulnerable children.

The strategic plan recognizes the evolving needs of the communities served by Rohi Foundation and commits to adapting programs to address emerging challenges. Periodic reviews and evaluations are integrated into the plan to assess the impact of interventions and make data-driven adjustments.

Through this strategic framework, Rohi Foundation aims not only to provide immediate relief but to empower individuals for long-term success, creating a positive ripple effect within the communities it serves.