Rohi Foundation

Our Beneficiaries


 At the heart of Rohi Foundation’s mission are its beneficiaries, individuals and families whose lives are touched and transformed through the organization’s multifaceted initiatives. These beneficiaries hail from diverse backgrounds, often facing socio-economic challenges that Rohi Foundation is dedicated to addressing.

Children and Families

 Primary beneficiaries include children and their families, particularly those from marginalized communities or facing distressing circumstances. Rohi Foundation extends its reach to migrant families, striving to provide not just immediate relief but also long-term support for their well-being.

Health and Well-being

Health is a cornerstone of Rohi Foundation's impact. Migrant families often face health-related challenges due to their living and working conditions. Rohi Foundation endeavors to bridge these gaps, providing health camps, awareness workshops, and support for accessing healthcare services.

Safe and Nurturing Environment

For children and vulnerable individuals, Rohi Foundation aims to create a safe and family-like environment. This involves not only physical safety but also emotional and psychological well-being, ensuring that beneficiaries feel secure and supported for childrens.


Rohi Foundation's programs aim to ensure that every child has access to quality education, regardless of their socio-economic background. This encompasses various educational initiatives, from basic schooling to specialized support for those facing learning difficulties.

Empowerment Through Skills

Another group of beneficiaries includes youth and adults who benefit from skill development programs. These initiatives empower individuals with tools for livelihood improvement, financial literacy, and awareness of their rights, fostering self-reliance.

Long Term Impact

 Rohi Foundation's work with beneficiaries goes beyond aiming for sustainable, long-term impact. By addressing educational, health, and socio-economic aspects, the foundation strives to break the cycle of poverty and create a foundation for a brighter future.

In summary, Rohi Foundation’s beneficiaries are at the core of its endeavors, and the organization is committed to making a meaningful, lasting difference in their lives.