Rohi Foundation



“At Rohi Foundation, we invite teachers to make a difference by offering their expertise. By volunteering to provide free coaching and learning sessions, teachers play a crucial role in shaping the educational journey of the children under our care. Their dedication contributes significantly to the academic growth and overall development of our young minds.”


“At Rohi Foundation, we welcome computer facilities to join us in empowering children through technology. By visiting our foundation, these experts generously share their knowledge on computers and technologies. This hands-on exposure equips our children with essential digital skills, opening new avenues for learning and personal growth.”


At Rohi Foundation, we prioritize the safety and empowerment of our children, particularly our girls. We welcome martial arts experts to volunteer and provide self-defense training for our kids. This initiative aims to equip them with essential skills, boost their confidence, and ensure their ability to protect themselves. 


At Rohi Foundation, we believe in nurturing not just the academic growth but also the spirit of our children. We invite motivational speakers to our organization to share inspiring stories and provide guidance to our kids. These sessions aim to motivate and instill a positive mindset, helping our children overcome challenges and envision a brighter future. Join us in making a lasting impact on these young minds by being a source of inspiration and encouragement.


 “At Rohi Foundation, we welcome dance teachers to make a difference in the lives of our kids. By volunteering their expertise, these teachers play a crucial role in promoting physical activity, self-expression, and cultural appreciation among the children. Join us in creating a vibrant and lively atmosphere that contributes to the holistic development of the young minds under our care.”


“At Rohi Foundation, we invite individuals skilled in small crafts to share their expertise. By volunteering to teach small craft techniques, you contribute to the development of creative skills among our kids. Join us in fostering artistic expression and providing hands-on experiences that enhance the overall well-being of the children in our care.”


At Rohi Foundation, we invite artists to contribute to the enrichment of our children’s lives through various art forms. Whether it’s painting, drawing, or other creative expressions, your artistic skills can inspire and nurture the creativity of the young minds under our care. Join us in fostering a vibrant and imaginative environment for our children’s holistic development.


At Rohi Foundation, we invite coding experts to contribute to the growth and development of our children. Through interactive sessions, these professionals share their knowledge and skills in coding, empowering our kids with valuable insights into the world of technology. By fostering an understanding of coding languages and principles, we aim to equip our children with essential skills for the digital age, opening up diverse opportunities for their future endeavors. 


At Rohi Foundation, we value the importance of effective communication and expression. We welcome individuals with expertise in writing skills to share their knowledge with our children. By conducting workshops and sessions, these mentors help enhance the writing skills of our kids. This not only contributes to their academic progress but also nurtures a creative and articulate expression of their thoughts. Join us in empowering these young minds with the transformative power of effective writing.