Rohi Foundation



Our team provides counselling, home visits, and help with legal paperwork for families. We believe that protecting and empowering children starts with their families. To prevent children from being sent to institutions or dropping out of school, our social workers work closely with families in the community. They identify families that need help with things like getting important documents, parenting, health, finding jobs, or making sure their kids go to school. Our team stays in touch with these families regularly. If a family is facing serious problems like feeling sad, violence at home, or dealing with addiction, we connect them with other organizations that specialize in helping with these issues.

We help families regain their strength so they can take better care of their children and provide a stable home environment.

In Rohi Foundation, a group of social workers and teachers help children with their education. They make sure the kids go to school regularly and don’t drop out. We offer different classes throughout the year to support their learning:
Bridge Class: This class is for children who had to leave school or never went to school before. It helps them catch up with what they missed and get ready to go back to school.
Nursery Class: This class is for kids under seven years old. It helps them learn the basics before they start school.
Open Class: This class is open to any child who wants to join. We have two types of classes: one is for kids who can’t come regularly, and the other is a step towards the Intensive class.
Intensive Class: This class is for kids who are really motivated and show potential. Teachers pay close attention to their progress and help them with their studies, especially in English.
We believe English is important for social change in India. That’s why we also provide English lessons in a fun and inclusive way. Our goal is to make sure every child feels valued and enjoys learning!