We operate community health projects in the poorest rural areas. We keep ourselves updated with the government programs for rural development and are always looking for associating with govern


This is the best tool to fight poverty. We strive to ensure that children in all age groups have an access to education. Raising awareness about government schemes.


Technology plays an integral part in improving the lives of people. A dearth of technical knowledge and not being updated on technological fronts makes one obsolete.

Developing entrepreneurship, Imparting skill training

Making people self-sufficient is the best gift of life. We try and identify skill sets or activities that interest an individual and develop skills that would help them to be an entrepreneur or get employed

Women and children empowerment

Women and children are the most vulnerable ones when they face poverty. They need the most support and a different type of support as well. They need protection and avenues to progress. We sup… port this section of the society through various programs.

Animal welfare

– Rural India depends on animals for their economic upliftment. This gives us a reason enough to serve this segment.
– We undertake medical checkup camps for evaluating the health of animals and arrange for their… treatment free of cost. This helps the poor people to get more output from their animals; thus improving lives.


With the time progressing, the environment is deteriorating. We are working towards preserving and making the environment better through following initiatives:
– Awareness programs about reducing the usage of pla… stics.
– Tree plantation
– Programs on reducing industrial pollution.
– Awareness about judicious utilization and recycling of water.
– Creating awareness at the farmers’ level about various technologies that use water optimally and reduce water wastage, etc.

Community development

– Collective action through community members helps in generating better and faster solutions.
– We work at the grass root level for the economic development of communities through variou… s programs targeted at skill development and entrepreneurship.
– We also raise environmental awareness and educate people on keeping the environment clean.

Natural disasters

– We are always ready to volunteer and serve during natural disasters.
Our trained team reaches the affected people in the shortest possible time and helps them rebuild their lives.
Providing shelter, food, water and clothing to help people recover from their loss is one of our activities.
– We also conduct psychological sessions to help people deal with the loss that they have suffered due to the natural disaster.
– We work in tandem with government and non-government agencies in disaster management activities.